About CERT-In

Information security relies on the methodologies and processes that are welldefined to protect private data from unauthorized access and other intrusion activities. The cyber clock is ticking, and the organisation’s cybersecurity efforts and initiatives must be galloping to ensure a safe run for the business in the digital scape.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) is an office that comes under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Government of India. CERT-In is a national coordinating agency that responds to security incidents and report on vulnerabilities. It acts as an advisor and advocate for the best security practices and policies for the Indian Cyber Community.

Who needs a CERT-In certification?

CERT-In has a panel of CERT-In auditors who undertake IT Security Audits. These organizations conduct security auditing, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of computer systems, networks & applications of State & Central Government departments. They also provide these services to the private sector. Organizations that fall under the below-mentioned categories will require to have a CERT-In empanelled Agency to audit them ;

  • Companies that sell software, hardware or any services to the Government of India.
  • Companies that need hosting applications or websites at the Government of India.
  • Companies/websites that come under the norms & regulations of the RBI Cyber Security Framework for Banks.
  • Companies/websites that come under the norms & regulations of the RBI Cyber Security Framework for NBFC.
  • Companies/websites that come under the norms & regulations of the RBI Urban Corporative banks.
  • Companies/websites that come under the norms & regulations of the RBI Payment Gateways.
  • Companies/websites that come under the norms & regulations of the SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India) framework.
  • Companies/websites that come under the norms & regulations of the UADAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).

Responsibilities of CERT-In empanelled companies

While we have got a clear picture of desirable organizations for a CERT-In certification, the next foot forward is to determine who makes the required auditing for compliance. CERT-In granted the privilege and right to security auditing companies based on experience and knowledge base to conduct the audit sessions. CERT-In empanelled auditors furnish various tasks like security testing of web & mobile applications, information & process security testing, internet technology security testing, IT security policy review and advisory etc., as per the CERT-In guidelines.

Choosing the right auditing company

A qualified CERT-In advisory or auditing company is a mandate while looking for CERT-In security certification. Organizations should ensure and validate that your auditing company meets the required standard and quality in terms of resource and deployment. The auditing companies must follow the best practices and be fully aware of the guidelines specified when conducting the CERT-In audit. Acquired cyber security certifications and the garnered expertise in conducting security testings could pack a positive punch. In addition to the CERT-In authorization, you could also look for certifications like ISO 27001, gleaming the exposure of the advisory in data security measures.

CERT-In for websites and networks

Web applications are the ones that need to get audited before hosting to avoid any future vulnerabilities to the organization and its data. It is always required to test and comply with the CERT-In guidelines before hosting your website in the public domain. A CERT-In empanelled company could deliver the desired result, ensuring that you are in line with the needed safety. It can include,

(1) Application security audits

In Application security audits, the security weaknesses of your website infrastructure and framework get extensively reviewed. It is a checkbox activity designed and deployed to run against the compliance guidelines to ensure everything is upright.

(2) CERT-In security testing

Security testing is a part of the security audit phase, where a team of expert cyber security professionals conduct detailed testing on your web applications portals. Only a qualified cyber security professional will be able to foresee the lurking vulnerabilities and provide you with a clear and precise testing report.

(3) Safe to host certificate

Once you have surpassed the auditing and testing phases with a high degree of standard and regulatory compliance to CERT-In specified guidelines, you will get a safe to host certificate issued from the CERT-In empanelled auditor, stating that you are fit to host.

Benefits of CERT-In for your business

Improved security posture

Even though the aim for organizations is to get certified and have a safe to host advantage in the public domain, the deployed security exercises could strengthen your posture beyond the scope. The auditors can aid you with expert advice and recommendations. And at the same time, they can boost your internal security division to handle the incidents and issues more effectively.

Boosting client credibility

Availing your certification from expert CERT-In empanelled companies always have a high credibility factor. It clearly defines that your websites and applications are much safer considering other organisations in your industry. It also provides a positive Brand Reinforcement for your organisation, as an entity that pays a lot of attention to the safety and security of data. When routinely probing and figuring out irregularities with rectification measures, CERT-In certification usually has a wholesome effect for establishments related to government bodies.

Increased reliability

Customer trust and credence is a big thing while you make your websites open. Any application or website should have data privacy and protection policies deployed and adhered to solid norms, improving customer reliability & confidence. A reliable security policy can aid your business with future projects and partnerships with a stand-out position in the cyber security division.

Concluding Insights

The CERT-In body under the GOI ensures a country-wide cyber security policy and assurance, acting as the supervisory control for all cyber security related issues. The empanelled companies in the auditing list stay as the prioritized choice
responsible for letting you unlock a CERT-In certification more effectively. It can automatically improve your cyber security defence and strengthen your in-house resources in dealing with application and website security issues.

A qualified auditor with cyber security experience could be your trump card in the CERT-In certification process. In many cases, organizations would require associating with government bodies, and the certification is a must-win. A certified security auditing company produces the desired trait and expertise needed for attaining the essential certification. It’s time to seek out the best CERT-In empanelled company to ensure the much-needed protection and certification.